So you’re wondering where to go next with your images.

It’s been a long time since you’ve ‘played’ and felt totally free in your art.

You want to expand your artistic vision and incorporate more color, life and movement into your photographs.

You’re ready to unleash your creativity and find new and playful ways to add depth, texture and mystery to your work.

And here’s how you can do all that…


Oil Painting

This workshop is designed to guide the students toward creating a painting from a photo reference, using both indirect and direct traditional painting techniques. It aims to instruct painters on how to use the photograph to create a painting that surpasses the look of the photograph, not simply imitates a photograph. The workshop will explain how to create a useful photo reference, covering topics such as ideal lighting, camera settings, lenses, Photoshop, and printing

Acrylic and mixed media

Travel, Gather, Create workshops are designed a bit differently than a traditional painting workshop. We gather in an inspiring part of the world for a week with the desire to take a breath and reset our creative spirits. Part of that gathering involves learning how to move through a week full of history, culinary, musical, and textile experiences with an emphasis on gathering creative spark and fodder to use as the impetus for a painting which is reflective of the experience. Do you need to be a professional painter, no. If you desire a creatively connected travel experience with an emphasis on story, creativity, narrative, and imagination, this is your trip.