Make your own Bodhrán

This workshop has been developed to teach even those with no prior woodworking experience, how to make a high quality instrument and accompanying tipper. The basics of playing and the importance of session etiquette will also be covered for those who are interested. The cherry of this exciting endeavour being that you will have an heirloom to take home with you.

According to Sean O’Kane, Ireland’s most recognised bodhrán maker, the earliest bodhráin (pl) were originally made from worn grain sieves. The wire mesh of the sieve was removed and a suitably prepared goatskin was stretched over the repurposed ash rim. The bodhrán has evolved significantly since those days thanks to the introduction of the bodhrán into other genres and an increased number of traditional virtuosos informing the makers over the decades

About Conan


Cónan Kilcoyne, a native of Mulranny, is a designer, maker and restorer of high-end musical instruments and a teacher of instrument making. Moreover, he continues to play music professionally and to teach music to the children at the local school.

Cónan made his first instrument for his Leaving Certificate (final high school exam). It was a fully functioning electric guitar and he considers the moment that he first plugged it in to be one of the most pivotal of his life. He went on to study Architectural Technology at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and was awarded a distinction for his efforts. Shortly after leaving college, Cónan underwent an apprenticeship at ‘Moloney Music – Úirlisí Ceoil’ in the heart of Galway city and was hired as an employee on completion.

After two years at the instrument shop, Cónan went on to pursue his dream of creating acoustic guitars in a dedicated school in Northern Ireland. Due to his experience, technical preparation and interpersonal skills, he was offered a teaching role by Sam Irwin, the director and sole tutor before completing his own tuition.

Most recently, he and his partner visited instrument makers, guitar factories, woodworking schools and retail stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana & Arizona. He also travels frequently to continental Europe to learn from and share information with those he admires. (The paintings aren’t bad over there either).

Cónan’s interest in art, architecture and unwavering dedication to his craft are palpable. His innate joy of teaching others has made him a valuable asset to EOM studios and we’re confident that you will agree.

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